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Dr Ingrid Sykes

was a Wellcome Research Fellow in the Department of History at Warwick. Her research interests include medical acoustics, cultures of sonority, and musical technology, in nineteenth-century France. Her book, 'Women, Science and Sound in Nineteenth-Century France' (Peter Lang, 2005), examines the relationship between women and sound in nineteenth-century France and the close contemporary interconnection between music, piety and technology. She has also published on the use of sound in the nineteenth-century French institution, and has forthcoming publications on musical invention in France between 1800 and 1830, and French nineteenth-century convent culture in Australia.

(See the Wellcome Trust's online article on Dr Sykes' research, Sound and Vision.)

Project: Blindness, Sound and the Development of Acoustics in Nineteenth-Century France


Dr Jonathan Toms

was a Research Fellow and Visiting Academic. He has worked on the history of mental health practice in the twentieth century, investigating in particular the movement for mental hygiene and its relationship to the later rights movement in mental health. He has completed work on a Wellcome Trust-funded research project investigating twentieth century developments in residential child care associated with psychiatric social work and therapeutic community practice.