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Body States: The Artists

Ansuman Biswas has, over the last twenty years or so, worked as an actor, musician, installation artist, film-maker, writer, composer and live artist. His research has gradually homed in on the riddle of consciousness and embodiment. He is interested in the present day application of principles grounded in ancient Indian philosophy, and in particular the practice of vipassana meditation as a bridge between the methodologies of the artist and the scientist.

Anna Dumitriu's work is inspired by medical science, microbiology and the representation of medical ideas. She is currently working on a visual art installation about normal flora bacteria, in collaboration with two scientists. Her work brings together traditionally feminine forms of craftwork, such as needlepoint, with painting, video and digital photography.

Ju Gosling aka ju90 is a performance and multimedia artist working largely within the theories and traditions of the disability arts movement. She works mainly with digital lens-based media, but also with performance, text and sound. In 2004 Ju held a digital arts fellowship for disabled artists from Artsadmin (Arts Council funded).

Phillip Warnell is an inter-disciplinary artist working with live art, sound, video and digitally composited images, publication and photographic work. The work is balanced between perception, event and documentation. Using the body as a sound or source image, it is distinguished by its attention: to detail, to technique, to humour, to scrutiny, and to the complex relationship between live performance and the mediated image.

Louise K. Wilson has produced a series of participatory artworks informed by her personal experiences as a volunteer subject in medical research experimentation. As an artist her desire is to intervene within the space of the laboratory and to consider the effects of lab technologies on the object of study. Her installations explore the performative role of the test subject, and invite the viewer to become a kind of surrogate subject/observer through the experience of viewing.