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Women Biochemists, 1906-1939

Researchers: Dr Vicky Long, Professor Hilary Marland, Professor Robert B. Freedman (Biological Sciences)
Start date: November 2008

The main objectives of the project were to produce a website and database. The website gives a brief account of the project in the context of the centenary of the Biochemical Society and provide details and links to resources, thus facilitating further research on the subject.

The website includes a brief account of the inauguration of the Biochemical Society and its publication, the Biochemical Journal. It also hosts a database of women biochemists, and a guide to the archival sources which can be used to trace the activities of these women in different spheres, including links to online catalogues where available.

As well as these pages, there is a further website, which expands upon and complements Dr Vicky Long's research into women and biochemistry: Early Women Biochemists 1911-1939

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