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Current Research

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From 'Equal Health' to Health Equals: Pioneering Community Led Diabetes Prevention Research.

Professor Roberta Bivins and Co-Investigators Mark Elliot, Petra Hanson, Jennifer Jones-Rigby, Julie Schmittdiel, Tainayah Thomas, Peter Adams, Joanne Paul-Charles, and Diane Braithwaite.

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The Last Taboo of Motherhood? Postnatal Mental Disorders in 20th Century Britain

Professor Hilary Marland

Dr Kelly Couzens

Dr Fabiola Creed

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DNA at Britain's Borders

Professor Roberta Bivins

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Hazardous Hospitals: Cultures of Safety in the NHS

Dr Christopher Sirrs

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The Child's Speech: Speech Therapy, stammering and activism in Britain, c. 1906-2000

Dr Andrew Burchell

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The Cultural History of the NHS

Dr Mathew Thomson

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