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Postgraduate MA Modules in the History of Medicine

 Core Med  Planned Housing NYC 1939 Black and white photo showing smiling young students of multiple ethnicities surrounded by books and other historical paraphernalia. And... the optional module of their choice from those available in the Department. Available topics may include: the history of sexuality and gender; the history of empire; the history of religion; and the history of science, technology and the environment.
 Themes and Methods in Medical History (HI907)
Convenor: Roberta Bivins

Matters of Life and Death (HI991)

Convenor: Roberta Bivins
MA Students in the History of Medicine will also take the Departmental Core Module, Theories, Skills and Methods in Term 1;
 science_cst.jpg  GirlsPhysique Migration, Health and Ethnicity   War Neuroses
Medicine and Science in the Enlightenment (HI921) 
Claudia Stein
example of previous module
Dangerous Bodies: Women and Modern Medicine, 1830-1950 (HI903) Hilary Marland
example of previous module
example of previous module
Psychological Subjects: Identity Health and Culture in the 20th Century
Mathew Thomson
example of previous module

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