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Rebecca Noble: A visit to Macquarie University

colour photo Sydney Opera House and harbour

As a Graduate Student Associate of McGill University’s Early Modern Conversions project, I had the opportunity to speak at a conference entitled ‘Moving Minds: converting cognition and emotion in history’ held at Macquarie University, Sydney in March 2016.
The conference was a wonderful chance to share my research with a new audience. I spoke on concepts of sin and madness in the early modern Hispanic world, which forms part of my PhD thesis on how the concept of madness informed what it was to be human in eighteenth-century Mexico. I really enjoyed speaking at the conference and am grateful for the thoughtful feedback I received.
‘Moving Minds’ was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the history of emotions and how researchers from history and cognitive science are collaborating. I saw a number of excellent talks and had many interesting and productive conversations. I’m also grateful I experienced a little of Australian academia: the conference was very welcoming and inclusive and set me up for a great trip to Australia!

colour photo Macquarie campus