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The Commerce of Art and Invention


Prof. Maxine Berg, University of Warwick, History

Dr Celina Fox
‘Art and Industry in the Eighteenth Century’

Dr Helen Clifford, Victoria & Albert Museum
‘Commerce and Creativity: Artistic and Mechanical Production in the Eighteenth Century’

Dr Liliane Hillaire-Pérez, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers and École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
‘Art and Invention in the Eighteenth Century: Blurring the Boundaries? The Case of the Controversy about Wax Painting’

Dr Christine Velut, CNRS/Institut d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine
‘Commercial and aesthetic strategies for the success of a new semi-luxury good for the domestic sphere: Parisian Wallpapers, 1750-1820’

Dr Jonathan White, University of Warwick, History
‘The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure’

Dr Katie Scott, Courtauld Institute of Art
‘Fables and Encyclopaedias’: Invention and the Pursuit of Property in Literary and Scientific Illustration’

Dr Valerie Nègre, CDHT- CNAM, École d’Architecture de Strasbourg
‘The Decorative Elements of Architecture: Catalogues for Stucco’

Dr Anne-Laure Carré, CNAM, Musée des Arts et Mètiers
‘Making and Selling Glass’

Prof. Patrick O’Brien, London School of Economics, Economic History
Concluding Remarks

For further information please contact Claire Walsh or Maxine Berg