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'History Bites'

'History Bites' contains a selection of 'bitesize' interviews with eminent historians - talking about their research and the obstacles and pleasures that they find in studying early modern history.

Sasha Handley, University of Manchester

13:31, Sun 19 Jan 2014

In this interview, Dr Sasha Handley discusses perceptions and practices of sleep in Britain in the late seventeenth and eighteenth century. She speaks about her influences and inspirations and her motivations for studying history.

(MP3 format, 15 MB)


Aaron Graham (Oxford)

12:27, Wed 13 Feb 2013

In this interview Dr Graham speaks about corruption in the long eighteenth century, how history can relate to other disciplines, and the difficulty in discerning the motives of historical actors.

(MP3 format, 19 MB)


Caroline Dodds Pennock (Sheffield)

12:05, Wed 13 Feb 2013

Due to a technical difficulty only the first 3 minutes of the interview were recorded. In this brief section Dr Pennock discusses why she started to study the Aztecs.

(MP3 format, 1.9 MB)


Stéphane Jettot (Paris)

11:19, Wed 13 Feb 2013

Stéphane Jettot talks about the interaction between the writing of history and literature. How the writing of historical narratives as a way to overcome the puzzles of uncertainty and why historians should avoid the danger of seeing themselves as judges of the past.

(MP3 format, 34 MB)


Adam Mosley (Swansea)

11:15, Wed 13 Feb 2013

Adam Moseley discusses his past and current research, the ability to use history to reflect on the complexities of the present, and the connection and blurred boundaries between texts, objects and instruments.

(MP3 format, 27 MB)