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Woman and Luxury Programme


Session 1: Luxury and narratives of distinction

Kathleen Wilson, SUNY: "The Black Widow: Luxury and the Performance of Difference in Eighteenth-Century England and Jamaica"

Toni Bowers, University of Pennsylvania "The Seduction of Charles Grandison"

Session 2: Taste and Feeling

Robert Jones, University of Wales, "Eliza Haywood and the Discourse of Taste"

Helen Berry, University of Northumbria and ‘Nationalising Taste’ Project: "Luxury in the North East: The Collection of Judith Baker, Durham Gentlewoman"

Sara Salih, Wadham College, Oxford "Men and Women of Real Sensibility: ‘Negroes’ in Fiction of the Abolition Era"

Session 3: Extravagant Women

Barbara Taylor, University of East London and Feminism and Enlightenment Project, "Imaginary Objects: Wollstonecraft and Opulent Women"

Donna Andrew, University of Guelph: "Giving and Gaming: Aristocratic Female Expenditure in Eighteenth-Century London"

Responses and further discussion led by Vivien Jones, University of Leeds, and Charlotte Sussman, University of Colorado