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Early Modern History Options for Undergraduate Degree Courses

Please see below for the wide range of modules with an Early Modern theme.

NB. these are the modules for 2020-21 and are subject to change. The main Dept of History pages give further information and guidance about choosing modules.

Undergraduate First Year Modules

Undergraduate Second Year Modules

Undergraduate Final Year Modules


All undergraduate single-honours History students are required to take the early modern module 'HI113 Europe in the Making' in their first year of study, and both single and joint honours students must choose at least one early module option module to study in their second year.

Cover Issue


Undergraduate single-honours History students who choose the Renaissance and Modern History' stream must take 'HI127 The Medieval World' in their first year and 'HI320 Florence and Venice in the Renaissance' in their third year. The latter module is taught during a term spent in Venice.

In addition, HI3J3 Arts and Society in Early Modern Europe' is only open to students in this stream.