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We have had to revise the programme because of the continuing strike action - PLEASE NOTE REVISED CONTENT AND TIMINGS:

10.30am arrivals, tea and coffee

10.45 Introduction:

Prof. Mark Philp – Ideas about Public Office

11.30 Public Office in Britain:
Dr Oliver Buxton Dunn (University of Cambridge) 'Corruption and the design of England's early-modern customs revenue system (c.1560)'
Prof. David Chan Smith (Wilfrid Laurier University) 'Public improvement, corruption and the idea of service in early modern England'
Prof. Mark Knights (Warwick), The Evolution of Public Office 1550-1850

1.00-2.00 Lunch

2pm Office-holding in the Empire:
Dr Aaron Graham (UCL) ‘Corruption, credit and Public office in Jamaica, 1783-91’
Dr Callie Wilkinson (independent scholar) ‘The Residents of the British East India Company at Indian royal courts, c. 1798-1818’

3.15 round-up discussion

3.30 close

genius of integrity

'The Genius of Honour and Integrity', a detail from A rough sketch of the times as deleniated by Sir Francis Burdett (1819). Against the head of 'The Genius of Honour' are inscriptions: 'A sound Mind'; 'An Eye ever watchful to the Welfare of his fellow Citizens.'; 'A Tongue that never belied a good Heart'. On his shoulder: 'A Shoulder that never shrinks in trouble'. A placard across his chest: 'An Upright Breast and an Honest Heart'. On his paunch: 'A Lover of Peace and Plenty A Plain Liver'. His pocket: 'Pocket ever open to the Necessities of his Fellow Creatures'. Knee: 'A Knee to Religion'. Leg: 'Legs ever steady in his Country Cause'. In his right hand, inscribed 'Hand of Justice', he holds a paper: 'A Staunch Supporter of the Bill of Rights An Advocate for a Fair Representation of the People An Enemy to Bribery and Corruption'

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