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Klaus Dittrich, Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, Hangyang University, Seoul

The Foreign Community of Seoul and Jemulpo, 1880-1910: Harbingers of a Global City?

Vincent Ho, University of Macau

A Neglected Early Glocalization in East Asia: Macau and cosmopolitanism before Fin de Siecle

Shi Mingzheng, NYU in Shanghai

The Cultural Dynamics of Modernity in Chinese Urban Planning and Architectural Design: Cases from Beijing and Shanghai

Sun Shaoyi, Shanghai University/NYU in Shanghai

Re-globalizing Shanghai: The Visual Rhetoric of the City in Contemporary Chinese Cinema

Toby Lincoln, University of Leicester

Chinese Urban Visions: The Birth of Urban Sociology in China

Jieheerah Yun, UC Berkeley

Re-Globalizing Seoul: Construction of the Dongdaemun Market as ‘the World Design Market’

Lien Ling-ling, Institute of Modern History, Academica Sinica, Taiwan


Greg de St. Maurice, University of Pittsburgh

Raiding the World Pantry to Cook in the Local Kitchen: A Case Study of Kyoto’s Global Connectivity

Tong Lam, University of Toronto

Rethinking Globality: The Geography of Exclusion in Post-Socialist China

Miriam Kingsberg, University of Colorado/Harvard

Opium, Imperialism and Globalization in Japanese Dairen, 1905-1932: The Poppy and the Acacia

Maurizio Marinelli, China Research Centre, UTS

Urban Transformation and Global Ambitions in Tianjin: The Politics of Beauty in the ‘Expo of World Architecture’

Christian Hess, University of Warwick,

Global Dalian: Imperialist and Socialist Legacies

Jeffrey Wasserstrom, University of California at Irvine

Liu Haiyan, Tianjin Academy of Social Science