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Maritime Trade in Eurasia


1. Lecture

How was the world of trade organised in the middle ages? Can we see a shift from land to sea and oceanic routes after year 1000? What was the contribution to world trade of different routes such as the trans-Saharan caravan routes, the Mediterranean merchant routes, the Indian Ocean trade, or the new transatlantic routes inaugurated in the sixteenth century?


PowerPoint Presentation



2. Seminar

  • Consider one are of the early modern world (from Abu-Lughod) and analyse which commodities it traded and which trading communities were involved in it.
  • Consider one commodity and show where it was produced and where it was traded.
  • How was trade organised in the early modern period?

 3. Core Readings

4. Essay Questions

  • To what extent did maritime exchange replace trade across the silk roads?
  • How do exchange and connection across Eurasia in the period 1300-1800 feature in the study global history?
  • Why was the Indian ocean at the core of the early modern trading world?
5. Further Readings

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