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4. Labour Migration


1. lecture

This lecture will bring in the perspective of 'labour' as a significant element of diaspora and migration. It will seek to compare some of the classic patterns of migration across the Atlantic to Asian patterns of migration, and the significance of the Asian diaspora communities in understanding Africa and the Americas.

2. seminar discussion

  • Which diasporic ommunities can be characterised as 'labour diasporas'?
  • When and where did labour become the most significant factor in shaping migration? Why there?
  • How different is the nineteenth century in terms of migration from the early modern period? Why?

3. core readings

  • Adam McKeown, 'Global Migration: 1846-1940', Journal of World History 15.2 (2004)

4. essay questions

  • How significant is labour for understanding patterns of migration?
  • How did diaspora communities change when labour became the main reason for their existence?
  • Explain the pattern of migration of one significant 'labour diaspora'.

5. further readings

  • Frederick Knight, Working the diaspora: the impact of African labor on the Anglo-American world, 1650-1850 (2010)
  • Scott Levi, The Indian Diaspora in Central Asia and its Trade 1550-1900 (2002)

6. podcasts


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