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Conference Archive

Professor de Ceglia - Thursday16th May 2024

Warwick Symposium on Parish Research - Parish Memory Saturday 11th May 2024 - Report

HRC BES Colloquium- Collecting Antiquities in the British Isles Saturday 11th May 2024 - Report

Coinage and the State - An interdisciplinary Workshop on Coinage, Money and Economy - Friday 10th May 2024 -

Money and Medals Network Training Day - Thursday 9th May 2024 -

Forms and Feelings of Kinship in the Contemporary World - Saturday 27th April 2024 - Report

Professor Yannis Hamilakis - VS - Classical Association Conference - 22nd/24th March 2024 - Report

Stonebreakers: A documentary by Valerio Ciriaci and Issak Liptzin – 13th March 2024 - Report

Divine Disasters: Exploring distressed landscapes in literature and theology - Saturday 24th February 2024 - Report

Professor Valentina Carla Re - University of Link Campus (Rome) - January 2024 - Report

Medicine, Rhetoric and the Epideictic Across Cultures - 6th/7th December 2023 - report pending

Locations of (Dis)embodied Labour in Theatre and Performance - Thursday 30th November 2023 with Keynote Professor Nicholas Ridout (QM, London) - Report and Report

Annual Conference of Women in Spanish and Portuguese Studies - Keynote Speakers - LASTESIS (an interdisciplinary, intersectional and trans-inclusive feminist collective) - 10th/11th November 2023 - Report

Prof. Philip van der Eijk (Humboldt University, Berlin) - Public lecture on Galen - 5.00pm on 2nd November 2023 - Report

Italian Gothic - 31st October/1st November 2023, organised by Prof. Fabio Camilletti as part of the Italian Seminar Series and within the framework of the ‘Gothic Week’ co-ordinated by Dr Jen Baker (English) across the Faculty of Arts. - Report

Approaches to Teaching the #EarlyModernHispanicWorld to 21st-Century Students - Keynote speaker - Tara Munroe (Founder and Creative director of Opal22 Arts and Edutainment, Leicester) - Friday 13th October 2023 - Report

Spiritualism and Italian Culture XVIII-XX Centuries - 29th/30th September 2023 - Report

Afterlives of an Essay: 100 Years of Walter Benjamin's Task of the Translator - 29th/30th September 2023 - Report

PhD and Peernet Symposium - 20th/22nd September 2023 - Report

Warwick Numismatics Day - Friday 16th June 2023 - Report

Money and Metals Network Training Day - Thursday 15th June 2023 - Report

Sociability in Politics, Food and Travel in the Early Modern Era - 8th/10th June 2023 - Report

Visiting Speaker - Dr Ian Ellison - (University of Frankfurt / University of Kent) - 8th/10th June 2023 - Report

Archaeology, Antiquity and the Making of the Modern Middle East: Global Histories 1800 - 1939 - 25th/26th May 2023 - Report

Performing the Fantastic in Contemporary Culture - Thursday 25th May 2023 - Report

Homecoming’ after war: Comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives- Saturday 20th May 2023 - Report

Stanley Cavell and the Vicissitudes of Love - Friday 19th May 2023

Visiting Speaker - Argentine Journalist Uki Goñi- Monday 15th May 2023 - Report

Saying Nothing to Say: Sense, Silence and Impossible Texts in the 20th Century - Saturday 13th May 2023 - Report

Warwick Symposium on Parish Research - Parish and Performance - Saturday 13th May 2023 - Report

Culture and Global Responsibility: Rethinking Habitability in the Age of the Anthropocene - 12th/14th May 2023 - Report

Demokratie and the Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe fifty years on - 4th/6th May 2023 - Report

Teaching Medieval French: Sustainable Approaches for the Next Generation - 27th/29th April 2023 - Report

Visiting Speaker - Professor Chris Rea (British Columbia) 25th April 2023 - Report

Processing The Pandemic: Hope - 13th/14th April 2023 -

Territorial Bodies: World Culture in Crisis - Saturday 25th February 2023 - Report

Adorno's 'Sexual Taboos and Law Today' – Sixty Years On - Friday 24th February 2023 - Report

Fireside Tales of Terror: The Gothic and Winter - 15th/16th December 2022 - Report

Visiting Speaker - Professor Carlo Caruso (Siena) 11th/12th October 2022 - Report

The Supernatural: Sites of Suffering in the Pre-Modern World - Saturday 14th May 2022

Following Living Things and Still Lives in a Global World- Saturday 12th February 2022

Breaking Down The Walls of Babel: Dialogues in Translation - Saturday 8th May 2021 - online

At Home in Empire: Colonial Experiences of Intimacy and Mobility - Saturday 13th March 2021 - online

The Remains of the Body: Legacy and Cultural Memory of Bodies in World Culture - Saturday 22nd May 2021 - online

Performance and Politics on the New Silk Roads - 27th June-1st July 2022

Examining the Sources of Hegel's Logic - 2nd-4th June 2022

Dispossessed: A Symposium on Marxism, Culture, Extraction, and Enclosure - Thursday 26th May 2022

Celebrations, Communities and Performances - 20th-22nd April 2022

"Blood on the Leaves/And Blood at the Roots": Reconsidering Forms of Enslavement and Subjection across Disciplines - 24/26th June 2021

Philosophy and Art: Scattered Systematicity - Conference Report

The Remains of the Body: Legacy and Cultural Memory of Bodies in World Culture - Conference Report

Breaking Down The Walls of Babel - Conference Report

At Home in Empire: Colonial Experiences of Intimacy and Mobility - Conference Report

Warwick Symposium on Parish Research - Conference Report