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This is a composite calendar page template pulling in feeds from events calendars in department and research centre sites. It is purely used as a tool to collect the event details before filtering through to a publicly-visible calendar filter page template. To remove or add a feed to this composite calendar, please contact the IT Services Web Team (webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk).

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Live chat for prospective undergraduate students
FIRST YEAR HISTORY STUDENTS: Active Bystander Intervention Taster Sessions

Active Bystander Intervention focuses on the prevention of sexual misconduct, violence, and abuse at UK universities. It is already being run in over 40 other universities and is now being trialled at Warwick.


The intervention is positive, inclusive, and empowers culture change. It is key to building the best possible learning community, both in History and the wider university. This is the perfect opportunity for you to help shape the environment where you will spend the next 3-4 years.

Not sure you want to join the workshop? Then come out to the The Active Bystander Intervention taster sessions, which will take place after straight after the Tuesday MMW lecture at 12pm on 12th Nov and 19th Nov.

Students can register their interest in joining the full intervention here or attend one of the 30-minute taster sessions to find out more information. I hope to see you all at one of the taster sessions!

Please note that the workshop and taster sessions are open to FIRST YEAR History (joint and single honours) students only at this time. The workshop and taster sessions are also for all genders, and having a mixed group of volunteers is crucial to the success of this initiative.


CAS Seminar, Rupert Knox: "Challenging Partial Democracy: human rights, social media and social mobilisations in Mexico."
Assessed e-portfolio drop-in sessions
Transnational Centre, ground floor, Humanities building.

During week 7 there are 2 opportunities for you to ask questions and get help with this assessment, Tues 12th and Friday 15th November.

Bring your own device and come along to the Transnational Centre to get help. Follow the Mahara posters in the Language Centre corridor.

Biscuits will be available.

CAS Film Screening: "Ayotzinapa, el paso de la tortuga." and Q&A with Rupert Knox
CRPLA Seminar
S0.11 Social Sciences Building

Speaker: Joanna Zylinksa (Department of New Media and Communications, Goldsmiths)

Title: 'Artificial Intelligence, Anthropocene Stupidity'

Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature & the Arts - public talk
S0.11, Social Studies Building

Joanna Zylinksa (Dept of New Media and Communications, Goldsmiths)

“Artificial Intelligence, Anthropocene Stupidity”