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Arts Faculty Facilities

The Faculty of Arts is spread across 3 sites: Humanities Building, Millburn House, and Ramphal. The Faculty is home to a number of Departments and Research Centres.

The Humanities Building and Ramphal are located on Central Campus. Millburn House is located on the Westwood Campus. There is a 5 minute walk between the Humanities Building and Ramphal and a 10-15 minute walk between the Humanities Building and Ramphal and Millburn House. Take a tour of campus.

Humanities Building

Humanities Building

The Arts Faculty Office is located on the ground floor of the Humanities Building (H0.42). On the ground floor you will find the popular Café Humanities. All floors are wheelchair accessible via lift.

The Humanities Building is home to the following Departments and Schools:
History (floors 0, 3 and the fourth floor extension)

French Studies (floor 4)
German Studies (floor 2)
Italian Studies (floor 4)
Language Centre (floor 0)

The Humanities Building is also home to the following Research Centres:
Centre for History of Medicine (4th floor extension)
Centre for the Study of the Renaissance (4th floor extension)
Humanities Research Centre (4th floor extension, room H452)

Centre for Arts Doctoral Research Excellence (CADRE) (H0.42)

Global History and Culture Centre
Global Shakespeare
Early Modern Forum
Eighteenth Century Centre
European History Research Centre
Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies

Millburn House

Milburn House

Millburn House is the home for many of the Faculty of Arts’ specialist facilities and practice-based disciplines. It is located less than 5-minute walk to Westwood Café, University House Restaturant, and the Red Rocket van. The building houses cinema screening rooms, theatre studios and rehearsal rooms, a film library, Writers' Room and other teaching spaces. Upper floors are accessible via a lift.

School of Theatre & Performance Studies

Milburn House is also home to the following Research Centres:

Ramphal Building


The Ramphal Building is the location of the School of Cross Faculty Studies. It is located over the road from the Café Library. Its upper floors can be reached via a lift.

The Ramphal Building is home to: