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Arts Faculty Facilities

The Faculty of Arts operates across two sites on central campus: Ramphal, which is home to the School of Cross Faculty Studies, including Global Sustainable Development and Liberal Arts, and the new Faculty of Arts Building, which is a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration and teaching excellence for all of our subject disciplines.

Faculty of Arts Building (FAB)

The new Faculty of Arts building was completed in autumn 2021. The sustainably built structure brings together most of our Faculty of Arts departments and research centres in one modern and flexible space that enables collaboration, creativity and innovation to flourish.



  • 2 lecture theatres
  • Seminar rooms
  • Communal study spaces
  • Antiquities Room
  • Creative Writing Room
  • Cinema and Screening Rooms
  • Theatre Studios and Rehearsal Rooms
  • Media Lab
  • Media and Edit Suite
  • Transnational Resources Centre
  • Multi-purpose Events and Exhibition Spaces

“'The new Faculty of Arts Building (the FAB) is all about collaboration: between the architects, the contractors, our Estates team and the Arts Faculty in creating a student-focused and community space. While providing a collective home for all the Arts and Humanities disciplines, it is a building for the whole of the University as well as for engagement with the wider community. It will facilitate and enrich research and teaching collaboration between disciplines and co-creation with our students, a place for everyone to enjoy and thrive."

Vice-Provost and Chair of the Faculty of Arts

Explore the FAB further in our new video

Ramphal Building

The Ramphal Building is the location of the School of Cross Faculty Studies.

It is located over the road from the Cafe Library. Its upper floors can be reached via a lift.


  • Large lecture theatre
  • Seminar rooms
  • International portal - state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, so you can learn alongside staff and students from across the globe.

*Faculty of Arts Building photo credit: Hufton + Crow