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Arts Equality and Inclusion

Faculty of Arts Equality and Inclusion Forum

The Faculty of Arts has an Equality and Inclusion Forum, which meets on a termly basis. The Forum reports into the Board of the Faculty of Arts and the University's Social Inclusion Committee. The current Chair of the Forum is Dr Michael Meeuwis and the secretaries for the Forum are the Faculty Executive Officer team at

Terms of Reference for the Forum

  1. Purpose

The University of Warwick is proud of its diverse community of staff, students and visitors, and is committed to maintaining its excellent record in teaching and research by ensuring there is equality of opportunity for all, fostered in an environment of mutual respect and dignity.

  1. The objectives of the Faculty of Arts Equality and Diversity Forum are to:
    •  act as a forum for the engagement of staff and students in issues related to equality and inclusion;
    • identify areas of good practice in equality and inclusion that can be developed and implemented across the Faculty;
    •  to establish working groups as necessary to work on particular Faculty–wide projects;
    •  to report to the Faculty Board and the University's Social Inclusion Committee. 
  1. Membership

3.1 The membership of the forum will consist of the following:

    • Chair (nominated by Chair of the Board of Faculty of Arts)
    • An academic representative from the following departments/schools/centres:

Classics and Ancient History

English and Comparative Literary Studies


School of Creative Arts, Performance and Visual Cultures

School of Cross-faculty Studies

School of Modern Languages and Culture

    • University Social Inclusion Committee - Faculty of Arts representative(s)
    • Three representatives from professional staff
    • Faculty DSEPs
    • Faculty WP Coordinator
    • Faculty SU representatives from Faculty Board/Education Committee - UG and PG

Co-opted/corresponding members

These members will be invited to attend meetings as appropriate:

 Director of Social Inclusion

Assistant Director Outreach

Vice Provost/Chair of Faculty of Arts

Director of Administration for Faculty of Arts

3.2 Members are responsible for:

    •  communicating and embedding equality and inclusion practice into their respective department;
    • providing the Forum with their views and expertise in order to make informed recommendations;
    • participating in relevant working groups;
    • keeping up-to-date with equality and inclusion issues.

 Meeting schedule

The forum meetings will be held once a term timed to report into Faculty Board of Arts.

The Terms of Reference will be reviewed by the Forum at its first meeting of every new academic year.