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Event Space Bookings

The Agora

The atrium in the FAB Building, known as the Agora, is bookable for events and exhibitions. During term time, this can be booked via the Faculty of Arts Office.

You can check availability via the booking calendar: Booking CalendarLink opens in a new window. If you wish to book an event or exhibition, please fill out Agora Booking Request FormLink opens in a new window.


  • What can the Agora be used for? The Agora can be used for a wide range of events such as performances, conferences, module fairs, and more. If you wish to exhibit art works or hold displays in the Agora, this is possible too. There are Faculty owned exhibition boards that may be available to use, please note that there will be a cost associated with the setting up and taking down of the exhibition boards. Please be aware that the FAB Building is used for teaching during term time, so any event held during the day would need to respect noise restrictions.
  • What is the capacity of the Agora? The maximum capacity of the any event within the Agora is 120 people, with a potential decrease if multiple stands are being utilised. The area is a thoroughfare for the Faculty of Arts Building and it is important to ensure safe passage through the main revolving doors and adjacent fire exits. Your event may not exceed the maximum capacity of the Agora.
  • When do I need to do a Risk Assessment? Most events, and some exhibitions, will require a risk assessment.
  • We will be using electrical equipment during our event; is this okay? Of course! All electrical equipment must have proof of being PAT Tested within a year of the event, as per the University of Warwick’s Electrical Safety Policy, and show no signs of malfunction.
  • Can we get help setting up our event? Unfortunately, the Faculty Team cannot help you set up your event. If you require additional help, please contact 
  • Additional cleaning? Additional cleaning can be requested here: Please ensure the space is left clean and tidy.
  • What if we want to have our event catered? If you would like to have your event catered, you can request it via 

During the Easter and Summer breaks, the Agora is bookable through Warwick Conferences Please see the 2023/2024/2025 timetable below, detailing when the Agora will be under each management.

Term/Break Name:


Managed by:

Autumn Term 2023

21st September 2023 – 9th December 2023

FAB Faculty Team

Festive Break 2023

10th December 2023 – 7th January 2024

FAB Faculty Team

Spring Term 2024

8th January 2024 – 16th March 2024

FAB Faculty Team

Easter Break 2024

17th March 2024 – 21st April 2024

Warwick Conferences

Summer Term 2024

22nd April 2024 – 29th June 2024

FAB Faculty Team

Summer Break 2024

30th June 2024 – 18th September 2024

Warwick Conferences

Autumn Term 2024

19th September 2024 – 7th December 2024

FAB Faculty Team

Festive Break 2024

8th December 2024 – 5th January 2025

FAB Faculty Team

Spring Term 2025

6th January 2025 – 15th March 2025

FAB Faculty Team

Easter Break 2025

16th March 2025 – 21st April 2025

Warwick Conferences

Summer Term 2025

21st April 2025 – 18th June 2025

FAB Faculty Team

Summer Break 2025

19th June 2025 – 24th September 2025

Warwick Conferences

The Fifth Floor Rooms and Terrace

The Fifth floor terrace is located close to three large centrally timetabled spaces: FAB5.01/FAB5.02/FAB5.03. It is a no smoking facility.

During termtime core teaching hours, the centrally timetabled rooms will be set up as three teaching spaces, the partitions will be closed and locked and the terrace will not be available for general usage. These rooms can be booked through the Central Timetabling Team.

It is possible to book the teaching spaces and the terrace for events in within termtime (see also Faculty of Arts Wednesday and Thursday access*), however the Centrally Timetabled Rooms (5.01/5.02/5.03) have to be booked through Timetabling (termtime) and then the whole event using the combined spaces has to be booked and managed by Conferences. This ensures that the management of the partitions, movement of furniture, event management on the terrace, and any catering are all managed effectively, leaving the space usable as teaching rooms the morning after the event. Conferences will also oversee the management of the Health and Safety when using the Terrace. Event holders will need to work with Conferences on an event specific risk assessment. FAB booking process during term time (

*The Faculty of Arts has been given special access to 5.01/5.02/5.03 for two evenings (Wednesdays and Thursdays) during termtime from 17.00 to 22.00. The availability of the Faculty-Managed timeslots can be viewed on the Booking CalendarLink opens in a new window, and if you would like to enquire on using the space within these times, please contact Please note that any usage of the centrally timetabled rooms booked alongside the terrace will need to be booked with Conferences as usual, and there is a minimum charge as described in the link above.

At Easter and during the summer – between the end of the summer term and Welcome Week – the three teaching rooms and the terrace will be managed by Conferences and queries about bookings should go direct to Conferences. 

If not booking the terrace, then bookings in the centrally timetabled rooms will be subject to a slimmed down version of the above arrangements. If it is just one room being booked for a simple event, then the arrangements are not overly complex. If, however, two or three of the rooms are booked and the requirements is for the partitions to be removed, furniture shifted and AV changes (plus catering - which would have to be outside the teaching rooms), then this would require a booking arrangement with Conferences to ensure that the furniture and partitions are put back in place at the end of the evening.