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Digital Arts & Humanities Lab

Join the DAHL, everyone is welcome

The DAHL is an Arts Faculty community initiative, supporting digitally-enhanced student work and teaching, and developing our community's digital and designerly capabilities. It is coordinated by Arts Faculty Director of Student Digital Experience, Dr Robert O'Toole. Join DAHLLink opens in a new window.

DAHL Shorts

30 minute sessions (followed by optional 10 minutes play time and support), and the occasional longer session for special events.

  • Next sessions Wednesday 15th February in FAB2.25, all welcome, no need to book:
    • 2pm - Classroom and lecture tech for active and engaged learning (including Vevox).
      A hands-on demo of our standard tools (in most teaching rooms) for encouraging students to be more active and engaged in their learning.
    • 2.40pm - Mindomo - mapping information and ideas, creating templates, creating mind map assignments.
      Map ideas and information, including images, links, video etc, into a mind-map style structure. Reorganise. Add tags, Share. Create templates. Create and assess assignments by students.
    • 3.20pm - Intro to Miro.
      Miro is a powerful but incredibly easy to use online collaborative whiteboard, the de facto platform in design professions. We have also found it to be a perfect tool for teaching and students projects.
  • Coming soon:
    • Create a winning entry for the DAHL Showcase competition (for students).
    • Digital Art and the sense of place with Open Brush (VR Club).
    • Podcasting.
    • Academic film making.
    • Build an online exhibition with Omeka S.
    • Showcasing your work on the digital screens.
    • What is user experience design (UX)?
    • Introduction to blogs and web sites with Wordpress (the world's most popular platform).
    • Introduction to web design and development.
    • Is there a perfect app for note taking? (and what does the answer tell us about the nature of note taking?)
    • Is there a perfect app for teaching? (and what does the answer tell us about the nature of teaching?)
    • Using VR in outreach with adults and children (VR Club).
DAHL Longs

Courses, modules, certificates, degrees.

  • Active now: Designing ChangeLink opens in a new window module (Arts Faculty undergrads).
    • Undergraduates learning through real-world experience how to achieve worthwhile change that fits, sticks, spreads, and grows. With a focus on the adoption/adaptation of digital tools in non-digital environments.
  • Active now: Introduction to Design ThinkingLink opens in a new window module (all undergrads).
    • Undergraduates become designerly change agents, using the interdisciplinary range of concepts and methods called Design Thinking. Learning through real-world experience and having a significant impact in the University.
  • Next course: Digital Humanities CertificateLink opens in a new window for PGRs (Summer Term 2023).
    • Complete a selection of short online or in-FAB workshops (including from the DAHL Shorts programme), build a portfolio of reflections on the workshops you have attended, complete a more substantial project (individually or in a group) that will have a useful impact on your own practice (research, teahching or outreach).
  • In development:
    • Web design and development for Arts and Humanities students and staff (including programming foundations).
    • Digital Humanities for staff.
    • Digital Humanities for undergraduates.
    • Innovation by Design programme (with Cross-faculty Studies), first modules available 2024, joint honours degree in 2025.
    • VR development for Arts and Humanities students and staff.
DAHL Research and Development
DAHL Showcase

Celebrating and showcasing work by Arts Faculty students and staff. Including the annual DAHL student competition.

  • Next competition: DAHL Showcase 23 (undergrad and postgrad) - opening soon.
  • Coming soon:
    • Undergraduate design show (around the FAB).
    • Showcasing student work on the digital screens.

For guidance on choosing, configuring and using tools for teaching, see the Tech Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) web siteLink opens in a new window.