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Digital Arts Lab

DAL Showcase 2021:

Click here to see all of the fabulous entries, and our winners!


logo Welcome to the Digital Arts Lab!

This virtual laboratory is the home for the development of digital teaching and learning innovation in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Warwick.

In this space you will find information about a diverse range of aspects of digital teaching and learning. Learn about innovation in teaching and assessment, attend workshops or contribute to our programme yourself.

In addition the Digital Arts Lab runs co-creation projects between staff and students here at Warwick, holds an annual competition for digital outputs, showcases staff innovation and much more.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Digital Arts Lab or would like to support our work please contact Dr Rebecca Stone at

Vision and Values

  • A co-creative collaborative space to encourage the student voice in teaching innovation, curriculum design and student experience.

  • An educational research and development forum to discuss, review and disseminate information on digital opportunities impacting on the study and academic processes associated with the Arts and Humanities.

  • An engagement point for students on core Digital Arts attributes and expertise development

  • A teaching and learning incubator that looks at how the digital world can engage with the study of the Arts and Humanities and demonstrates pedagogic responses to these changes for implementation within the curriculum.

  • An agency to support and promote multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary funding bids to internal and external funding bodies in the field of Digital Arts and Humanities for teaching and learning.

  • A focal point for a discussion on employability in the Digital Arts.

  • Engagement for Academic Technologists, WIHEA, IATL and the LDCU on digital teaching and learning innovation.


Find out about the annual Digital Arts Lab Showcase - and how you can be a part of next year's show.

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Learn about the upcoming Faculty of Arts Digital Pedagogy Library. The DPL aims to provide a database of digitally-engaged teaching activities currently in practice across the Faculty of Arts. Artefacts will include activities for lecturing, seminar activities, assement methods and ideas for supporting and enhancing leaning community, wellbeing and inclusion.


Explore Digital Assessment in the Faculty of Arts. Access a range of information, resources and guidance for staff and students alike.


Explore our staff resources, guidance and best practice information on digital pedagogy, and find out about how you can contribute your expertise to our learning community.


Keep up to date with Digital Pedagogy Workshops and Events across the Faculty of Arts