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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Conference: Knowledge and Belief: Philosophical and Empirical Perspectives
MS.04 Zeeman Building

Runs from Tuesday, April 14 to Wednesday, April 15.

Talk about knowledge and belief are pervasive in everyday life. We explain what people do in terms of what they know or believe; we criticise ourselves and others for saying things when they don’t know or believe them, and for basing their actions on things they don’t know or at least reasonably believe. But what is the relation between knowledge and belief? Does knowing that something is the case require believing that it is the case, or does knowledge supersede or replace belief? If knowledge does require belief, why is this? Is knowledge in some sense composed out of belief? Or are knowledge and belief independent states?

This conference brings together researchers at the forefront of philosophical, empirical, and historical work on knowledge and belief. It will lay the groundwork for future interdisciplinary collaborations on this topic, and contribute to opening up novel research programmes on the relation between knowledge and belief.

CHM Virtual WiP: Andrew Burchell 'Composing well-being: mental health and the Mass Observation Project in twentieth-century Britain'.
Online, CHM Warwick PLC

'Composing well-being: mental health and the Mass Observation Project in twentieth-century Britain'. Content Warning: This piece deals with cases of severe mental illness, including but not limited to suicide ideation, depression, sexual violence.