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Faculty of Arts Education Committee Newsletter September 2018

From Classroom to Courtroom

Blessing Mukhosa Park

A profile of a recent Warwick Arts Faculty alumna, Blessing Mukhosa Park, her journey to become a barrister and what she found distinctive about her Arts Education at Warwick:

An Arts education at Warwick has been instrumental in giving me a holistic understanding of the shape of our modern world today. Having completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) following my time at Warwick, I have been particularly struck by how each of my History modules have prepared me for the contemporary issues that arise within the law. For example, learning Criminal Law having studied 'Crime and Punishment in The Long Nineteenth Century' has allowed me to do more than just learn the substantive law, but also place the law I learn within its historical context. This has made it easier for me to pursue academic legal writing and be sharper in my legal analysis. As well as this, having the chance to produce assignments using different forms of digital media such as podcasts and webpages throughout my degree has allowed me to branch into blogging and social media and share my knowledge with the world.

 Blessing Mukhosa Park