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Clint Burnham - workshop, lecture, and poetry reading

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The department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, with assistance from the Humanities Research Centre, is thrilled to announce that Professor Clint Burnham of Simon Fraser University (SFU) will be leading a workshop, public lecture, and poetry reading on Monday, 13 June 2022 at the University of Warwick.

Professor Burnham’s workshop “Extractive Scholarship During the Plague” will discuss research methods in response to the pandemic. His lecture, “Post-Plague Arguments: Canadian Literature Inside-Out World-Systems,” promises to offer a provocative critique of the Warwick Research Collective’s theorization of world-literature, on the one hand, and a re-spatialization of contemporary cultural criticism more generally, on the other. With “plague literature,” rather than a generic category for literary works that thematize pandemic-scale illness, Burnham proposes a way of interpreting media (novels, poems, film, visual art) that upends seemingly fixed categories of inside and outside, individual and community, intimacy and extimacy.

The workshop will take place between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm, in room FAB 3.32 of the Faculty of Arts Building. Professor Burnham’s lecture will commence at 3:00 pm, in room S0.20 of the Social Sciences Building. The venue for the off-campus poetry reading at 8:00 pm is TBA.

Professor Burnham teaches in the Department of English at SFU and is an associate member of the SFU Department of Geography as well as a member of SFU’s Centre for Global Political Economy, and a founding member of the Vancouver Lacan Salon. He has authored book-length studies on critical theorists such as Fredric Jameson and Slavoj �i�ek, and, as co-editor, has assembled essay collections on 21st century poetics (with Christine Stewart), digital culture (with Paul Budra), Indigenous art (with Lorna Brown), and (with Paul Kingsbury) the relationship between psychoanalysis and the environmental humanities (Lacan and the Environment). He has also published numerous works of poetry – most recently Pound @ Guantánamo — and fiction — most recently White Lie. His novel Smoke Show was shortlisted for the 2006 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize.

To register for these events, please visit For workshop participants, a short reading package will be circulated prior to meeting; to receive this reading material, please contact Sam Weselowski at or Dr. Nicholas Lawrence at


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