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2nd PhDnet Doctoral Symposium University of Warwick, 20-22 September 2023

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Location: FAB

Having read draft chapters in advance, we will listen to presentations, provide constructive 360-degree feedback and offer face-to-face tuition and advice. Our PhD students benefit enormously from working in this multi-perspectival, constructively critical environment. The conference will also be an opportunity to help non-UK PhD students from the PhDnet, who will be spend time being supervised in Warwick, to our colleagues and facilities. We're looking forward to hosting all of this in our new Faculty of Arts Building, including a keynote lecture from SMLC's Prof. Fabio Camilletti. We look forward, too, to connecting the PhD-Net with other arts and humanities departments at Warwick and to introducing our visiting colleagues to the cultural life of our campus, the city of Coventry and wider region.

Elisabeth Herrmann and James Hodkinson

Please download the September 2023 programme here.

In hosting this conference, we are grateful for the crucial and generous support of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures (SMLC) and the Humanities Research Centre (HRC) at Warwick.

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