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French Research Seminar: Nick Hewlett (Warwick), 'Marx and Freedom'

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Location: FAB3.30

Abstract: Can we be free, will we be free?

Marx as a young man wrote explicitly about freedom and this chimed with the Zeitgeist. Freedom was the development of the fully rounded individual within a broader community, no longer alienated, and this was freedom for all human beings. The 'mature' Marx is often viewed as having very different priorities, concentrating on the analysis of capitalism and more broadly the critique of the highly unjust status quo. But in fact the whole of Marx's oeuvre should be seen as a philosophy of freedom, with the later works concentrating more on the dissection of unfree society, but no less optimistic and concerned with the flourishing of humanity as a whole.

This seminar will take place in the Warwick Faculty of Arts Building, room FAB3.30.

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