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Palaeography - From Manuscript to Print

From Manuscript to Print, an Introduction to Palaeography, will be taught during term 1 only. Typically the CSR offers sessions on English Palaeography and on either Italian or Latin Palaeography. In 2021-22 the CSR will offer Latin Palaeography, and possibly also Italian palaeography, if there is the interest. Links to these courses are listed below. Students not enrolled in the Renaissance Centre pay £TBC per course at the beginning of term. To apply to join either of these classes, please contact the Centre administrator on 

English Palaeography
Italian Palaeography
Latin Palaeography (not running in 2020-21)
Review of the class, by recent student Holly Kelsey ...

"I loved the English Palaeography course. The content was interesting and useful, ranging from medieval printing to seventeenth century italic, and Katie is a brilliant teacher. I found the discipline of palaeography a stimulating challenge to a different part of my brain than that which I use to write essays - it's really rewarding to be able to decipher a page of Elizabethan secretary hand which looks on first sight like another language!"

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Archive Info Re Past Courses:

Greek & Latin Palaeography (a one-off programme in March 2016)