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STVDIO Seminar Series

The STVDIO series of research seminars promotes the collaborative, interdisciplinary study of the Renaissance in the UK and internationally, and aims to showcase the rich variety of work that is done on Renaissance topics, both at Warwick and beyond. We are pleased to announce that STVDIO will continue in 2021-22, in an online format at least for term 1. Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 17:00 (UK time) unless specified below.

The seminars will be held virtually, using MS Teams and in order to attend, please register in advance by emailing, so that you can be included in the Teams meeting invite. The deadline for registration is Monday afternoon, 24 hours before the seminar. (Alternatively, to register for the entire programme of seminars, please simply specify this in your email.) We look forward to seeing you!

Autumn 2021, Term 1

12 October 2021 (Week 2) Dr. Eugenio Refini (New York), Virtual book launch: The Vernacular Aristotle: Translation as Reception in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. Respondent: Prof. David Lines. A joint event with Italian Studies.

Thursday 4 November 2021: Dr. Natalya Din-Kariuki (Warwick) '"More particularly described, then it hath been ever done before in our English tongue": travel, rhetoric, and geographical description in Coryats Crudities (1611)'. NB: Please note that this event will take place on a Thursday, still at 5pm; to attend, please register by Wednesday afternoon, 24 hours in advance, as above.

23 November 2021 (Week 8) Prof. Maggie Kilgour (McGill), 'On First Looking into Milton's Shakespeare'

7 December 2021 (Week 10) Dr. Alexandre Vanautgaerden (Warwick), 'Rhetoric and Typography: Portrait of Erasmus as a Paper Oracle'

Spring 2022, Term 2

11 January 2022 (Week 1) Prof. Paul Gwynne (The American University of Rome), 'Towards a Baroque Latinity: Lorenzo Gambara's Caprarola (1581)'

8 February 2022 (Week 5) Dr. Claudia Daniotti (Warwick), 'Vengeful Queens and Other Unconventional Women from the Past: The Reception of Ancient Heroines in Renaissance Italy'

1 March 2022 (Week 8) Prof. Sarah Knight (Leicester), 'Student Baroque'

Summer 2022, Term 3 

3 May 2022 (Week 2) Dr. Jonathan Bradbury (Exeter), 'The Ethics of Women's Bathing in Seventeenth-Century Madrid'

24 May 2022 (Week 5) Dr. Michael Bycroft (Warwick), 'Gem Classification from Antiquity to the Renaissance'

If you have any queries, please contact this year's organisers:


STVDIO Seminars are kindly sponsored by the Humanities Research Centre and the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance @HRCWarwick