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The creative arts, performance and visual cultural industries are expanding and there is evidence to suggest their turn over is outperforming other industries such as automotive, life sciences, oil, gas and aerospace sectors. These growing sectors, dependent upon intellectual property, managing creativity and vibrant ideas bringing new value to the economy and society contributed £101.5 billion to the UK economy (DCMS Sector Economic Estimates 2017: GVA). Creative jobs are high-value and at lower risk of automation than many other roles. Flourishing in a dynamic technology-driven culture will require connecting creativity across many disciplines and industries.

The new School offers and will develop multiple routes for pathways to teaching, creative output, cutting edge research, impact and public engagement. Embracing creative technologies will enable readiness for future opportunities, alongside strong interdisciplinarity and a focus on sustainable practices, social justice, community and collaboration. We and our students will understand the shaping powers of the past and be unafraid to shape the future.