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Study Abroad

SCAPVC is able to offer a range study abroad opportunities and procedures for students in History of Art, Film and Television Studies, Theatre and Performance Studies and the Warwick Writing programme. At this time The centre for Media and Cultural Policy Studies does not offer a study abroad programme.

We have links with a number of European Universities which operate within the University of Warwick study abroad programme. There are now approximately twenty study abroad places at each of the Eutopia partner universities (please see the list below).

If any of the EUTOPIA universities listed below are of interest to you, please contact the relevant person listed below by Friday 26 November 2021 so that we can discuss your nomination to study abroad at your chosen University.  

History of Art – Julia Brown 

Film Studies – Stephen Gundle 

Theatre Studies, Milija Gluhovic -

Warwick Writing programme – Ian Samson 


Eutopia   EUTOPIA ( 

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium) 

For more than 180 years the VUB has helped build a better society as a forward-looking university dedicated to free inquiry and critical thinking. Situated in Europe’s capital city, the VUB is internationally oriented and committed to the project of European integration. It is especially known for its focus on inclusion and democratic structures, involving students as well as staff in decision-making processes. The VUB uses innovative teaching practices to broaden students’ horizons beyond disciplinary or institutional boundaries, and is thus well-placed to lead the development of EUTOPIA’s cross-institutional Learning Communities.   

The university website lists programmes taught in English, including guidance for exchange students.  

University of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia) 

The University of Ljubljana plays a major role in fostering international education and economic development and innovation in Central and South East Europe. As the coordinator of the EUTOPIA 2050 project, the university is committed to promoting equity, social and regional cohesion, and active citizenship across European HEIs. Renowned for its research-led teaching in the social and natural sciences and technical subjects, and for its strong international and inter-sectoral partnerships, the University of Ljubljana provides unique opportunities for students to develop knowledge, practical experience, and employability skills as part of a diverse international community.    

The university’s information guide for international students includes details of available degree programmes at different study levels. The website also lists programmes and subjects in English, including specific information in the subjects page about modules available to Erasmus students.  

CY Cergy Paris Université (Paris, France) 

CY Cergy believes universities must transform themselves to serve a changing society, using innovative methodologies to prepare students for the challenges of addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. The university represents a ground-breaking alliance between renowned education and research institutions, working together to reshape their academic environment and propose a new model in the French education system. Its territory stands at the forefront of the national economy thanks to privileged links with front-line industrial sectors such as computer services, electronics, bio-industries, and automotive. As a key member of the EUTOPIA Alliance, CY Cergy is forging long-term international partnerships in education, research and entrepreneurship, with many opportunities for intersection between international students, staff, and local/global stakeholders. 

The university website lists information for exchange students, including spreadsheets and PDFs listing courses available in English. 

University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg, Sweden) 

The University of Gothenburg takes a challenge-driven and student-focused approach to fulfilling its role as a hub for knowledge production and innovation. At Gothenburg, all education and research activities (regardless of level) are linked to each other, and to the surrounding society, creating a ‘complete academic environment’ where students can develop unique research and innovation skills. For over 120 years, the university has cultivated its distinct sense of social responsibility and openness to the world. It is now applying this experience in the EUTOPIA Alliance to help shape the future of Higher Education and foster European values.  

The university website provides information for exchange students, including available courses with extensive filtering options (note also the separate page for Fine, Applied and Performing Arts).  

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) 

UPF is recognised as one of the leading universities in Spain and in Europe, both for the quality of its teaching and the competitiveness of its research, with particular strengths in international outreach. As a young, creative, and ambitious university, UPF strives to offer original and effective solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals, placing students at the centre of its ‘Planetary Wellbeing’ initiative. Enjoying a long-standing relation with Warwick, with particularly strong exchange programmes in Politics and Economics, UPF is simultaneously engaged in transformative collaborations with other international partners within and beyond EUTOPIA, going beyond traditional mobility towards more innovative and integrative approaches to internationalisation.  

The university’s International Programmes page provides information for exchange students, including details about courses on offer and an FAQ with further advice about UPF’s multilingual provision.  

Technische Universität Dresden (Dresden, Germany) 

The TUD is one of the leading and most dynamic universities in Germany. It offers a broad spectrum of disciplines, with internationally renowned courses on Health Sciences, Biomedicine & Bioengineering, Information Technology & Microelectronics, Smart Materials & Structures, Energy, Mobility & Environment, as well as Culture & Societal Change. The TUD is one of eleven German ‘Universities of Excellence’, and also enjoys a strong international reputation, with about one eighth of its students coming from over 125 countries each year.  

The university website provides information for exchange students, including language guidance. The Study Information System also allows users to filter courses by language.

For 2021/2022

Two study abroad placements at the University of Gothenburg have been allocated to Film studies students his year.  

The International Office has allocated certain study abroad placements to Theatre and Performance studies (single and joint honours), given the history of study abroad exchanges between TPS at Warwick and Theatre departments abroad. Listed below are the study abroad opportunities that theatre studies single and joint honours can benefit from in the first instance. 

Please note that Theatre studies students, the History of Art students, and Warwick Writing programme students could study abroad after their first or second year of studies at Warwick. Film studies students at Warwick could study abroad only after their second year of studies.   

Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies does not have a study abroad provision written in their degrees. We will work with the centre on developing a bespoke study abroad provision for the Centre’s students for future years. 

Applications for students to apply for student mobility are planned to open on Friday 3rd December 2021. This process involves students selecting their top choices of where they wish to go and drafting a personal statement. This is managed by the Student Mobility team but the information gathered is then passed to Departmental Coordinators to review and allocate our  departmental places to our students. We will then pass our final allocations back the Student Mobility team who inform the students of the outcome and proceed to work with students on nomination and application to their host universities. More information shall follow on this shortly. 

If you have missed our most recent Study Abroad information session, we would recommend that you check the recording of the main Student Mobility briefing session (Recording of Student Mobility Briefing for students interested in year abroad 2022/23 - News ( 

Theatre and Performance Studies Oversees Study abroad allocations:  

University College Drama Programme, University of Toronto

1 place 

Department of Theatre and Film, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada

1 place 

University of Waterloo, Canada – 1 place 

Waseda University – Japan –  1 place 

Theatre and Performance Studies Erasmus Exchange allocations

University of Amsterdam, Department of Theatre Studies – 1 place 

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia -number of places TBC  

Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television: 

University of Lisbon, Portugal  - Centre for Theatre Studies (CET) – 1 place,173357&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL 

The Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, Lisbon – 1 place 

Trinity College Dublin (TBC), Department of Drama – 1 place