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Get Involved


Your relationship with Warwick doesn't end at graduation. There are many ways for you to get involved with the University in the years after you leave. Some things for Warwick alumni to do:

Become an e-mentor
Inspire excellence. Stay connected. Build community. Become a Warwick alumni mentor and you will provide support, job search advice and career guidance for a current Warwick student or recent graduate who will benefit from your unique experience and skills. Sharing your knowledge will open mentees’ eyes, keep you connected to the innovation that defines Warwick, and play a crucial role in building a dynamic, enduring Warwick community.

Support us with employer contacts
If you work for an organisation looking to recruit graduate talent, either in the UK or overseas, we would be very grateful if you are able to pass on our contact details and also our employer booklet to your HR Director, or Human Resources team.

Make a donation to support future generations of students
We couldn't do what we do without your support. without donations, without fundraising. So support from donors is absolutely key in allowing all our work to carry on. Find out more and make a donation today.

Offer an internship to a Warwick student
Here at Warwick, we place a lot of importance on our continued relationships with alumni. Currently, of 22,500 students, 6,000 are from overseas and as a University with a worldwide profile, we are determined to add further to the international experience that students get when studying at Warwick.

Get in touch with friends, former classmates and other Warwick alumni
We regularly receive requests from former students who want to get in contact with friends from Warwick. To assist graduates who want to find friends and former classmates, the alumni association has developed a find a friend service. This service is only available to alumni of the University of Warwick (and predecessor institutions).

Become a Warwick volunteer
As a Warwick alumnus volunteer, you can make a real difference. You can get involved with the University and its students in many positive and interesting ways. You can share your knowledge, expertise and experiences in ways that benefit both the University and the current generation of students. The challenge for you is to work out where you can have most impact.

Become an alumni ambassador
The University wants to maintain a close relationship with alumni living and working overseas and to help them foster relationships with other Warwick graduates in their area. Our Warwick alumni ambassadors are at the core of this work. They plan and host events for fellow alumni, serve as contact points for students in their area interested in Warwick and assist faculty and students travelling or studying abroad.