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Research Staff

Jim Davis

Professor of Theatre and Performance

Nineteenth-century British theatre; nineteenth-century London theatre audiences; nineteenth-century Australian theatre; theatre iconography; history and theory of acting; melodrama and pantomime; comic performance; Dickens and theatre.

Nicolas Drofiak

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Indigenous identities, languages, memories and material culture in post-Soviet North Asia (Siberia); translation studies; cultural landscapes; linguistic anthropology (language loss, creole languages, language ideologies, exophony, ethnopoetics, ethnolinguistics); practice-based research and fieldwork; sound studies; ecopoetics; environmental racism; human-fish relations.

Milija Gluhovic

Associate Professor (Reader) of Theatre and Performance

Contemporary European theatre and performance; memory studies and psychoanalysis; discourses of European identity, migrations and human rights; religion, secularity, and politics; contemporary North American and North African theatre and performance and international performance research and pedagogy.

Susan Haedicke

Associate Professor (Reader) of Theatre and Performance

Performance and agriculture; street arts and other performance in public spaces; dramaturgy; applied theatre (community-based theatre); contemporary experimental performance; collaborative performance and democracy.

Stuart Hampton-Reeves

Professor of Theatre and Performance

Creative practitioners (actors, artists, directors, musicians) who engage creatively with Shakespeare; 20th century Shakespeare performance with an emphasis on history plays and articulations of national culture; undergraduate research as a pedagogic practice and an international movement.

Anna Harpin

Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance

Cultural histories of madness and trauma; post-war British and American theatre and film; graphic medicine; live art practices; critical medical humanities; critical psychiatry; pain and illness narratives; class politics; fat studies.

Nadine Holdsworth

Professor of Theatre and Performance

Post-war British theatre; politics and theatre; theatre and marginalized communities; arts and homelessness; popular theatre practitioners; theatre and national identities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; amateur theatre.

Yvette Hutchison

Associate Professor (Reader) of Theatre and Performance

African theatre and performance, and its relationship to history, myth, and memory; African womanisms/ feminisms; memory and transitional justice; Post-colonial theatre; contemporary South African Theatre; Intercultural Theatre and contemporary identity construction in post-Apartheid South Africa.

Silvija Jestrovic

Professor of Theatre and Performance

Exilic theatre and performance; citizenship, gender and labour migration; contemporary urban and political performances; Cultures of the Left; Avant-garde theatre and performance; performance, theatre, and culture of the Balkans; performance analysis; writing for performance

Andy Lavender

Professor of Theatre and Performance

Contemporary theatre and performance; digital culture; intermediality and multimodality; new forms of spectator engagement and relations between dramaturgy, production, space and location.

Julia Peetz

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Performance and democracy; political and theatrical representation; populism; performativity and theatricality; political speech; interdisciplinary research practice.

Bobby Smith

Assistant Professor of Theatre and Performance

Applied and socially engaged performance; theatre for development; transnational partnerships; theatre and conflict.

Pat Smyth

Senior Research Fellow

Theatrical spectacle; nineteenth-century visual culture, including panoramas, dioramas and other optical entertainments; the representation of landscape and urban environments on stage; spectatorship; the expression of emotion through attitude and gesture.

Nicolas Whybrow

Professor of Urban Performance Studies

Site-specific practices; urban studies; visual and live art; performance and cities.