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Susannah Heffernan



Susannah Heffernan is an author of literary speculative fiction. She is a member of the Warwick Writing Programme, where she is currently pursuing her PhD in literary practice. Her stories pose questions of identity, alienation and the telling of unheard histories. Her publishing credits include Open Pen magazine, and she was awarded ‘Most outstanding original voice’ in the anthology, The Singularity 50.

Susannah has performed her work at London’s Southbank Centre, at QueerCircle Limewharf, and at the Albany Theatre. She has presented at various conferences on utopias / dystopias, surveillance / sci-fi and the gothic. Susannah is an associate lecturer at the University of Warwick and spent sixteen years as a teacher in a range of UK schools. Susannah lives in Deptford and is completing her first novel – an underworld ghost story influenced by Dante, TS Eliot and the history of East London


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Telling 'what if' stories and 'unheard' histories