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It is essential that every piece of work that you submit is your own work. Cheating in a University test, which includes assessed essays and dissertations, is not tolerated by either the University or the Department. If you do cheat, your work may be awarded a mark of 0%.

Plagiarism and Cheating – What is it?

Cheating covers:

  • plagiarism, which is the failure to acknowledge passages quoted from critics or from any other source, or passing off someone else's thoughts or writings as your own. Remember that submitting the same, or substantially the same, piece of work for two different modules constitutes self-plagiarism. Please note that students on intercalated year degrees must not submit any work submitted to their study abroad institutions for their Warwick assessments, or vice versa. See the department’s revised policy on plagiarism procedures in the Undergraduate Handbook.
  • collusion, involving the collaboration by a student with another person in producing a piece of work submitted for assessment, where that piece of work is presented as being solely the work of the student.
  • contract cheating, where a student is found to have submitted work for assessment that is procured through a third party, with or without a payment being made. This would usually count as a severe case of cheating and would be referred to an Investigating Committee of Senate.

It is important that you consult the full updated regulations and guidance carefully before embarking on your essay work:

University Regulation 11 Procedure to be Adopted in the Event of Suspected Cheating in a University Test: