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Palazzo Giustinian Lolin is the seat of the Warwick in Venice programme. It is next to the famous Academia Bridge, and on the Grand Canal.

Venice is a Schrödinger's city: it might be alive, it might not. The problem is that everyone wants to check its health by visiting it.[

Like all palazzos here, the building has its exit on Canal Grande. This water door, called porta d'acqua, is vital: deliveries, water taxis, emergency services... all use them.

Another water door on a small canal

During the break in an afternoon session

View from the conference room in which all WWP Summer School sessions were held

Our collective dinners were a mix of social events and symposiums. They fostered a sense of collective and built a proper team

Our collective dinners

The topic of eco-writing included research on activism, which seems very much alive in this shrinking city


Passages, interrupted streets, roads that seemingly don't lead anywhere — was another topic


All sessions of the WWP Summer School have taken place in this wonderful space overlooking Canal Grande. In this picture, Professor Luca Mola, Director of Warwick in Venice, is talking to us about the fight for the city's survival.


Professor Luca Mola is speaking.

Collaboration between participants was excellent. A scene from a session

The breakfast area in the hotel, Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli, a B&B in a former monastery

Participants stayed in Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli, a B&B in a former monastery