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Certificate of Sustainability

Dr Alastair Smith (GSD)
Dr Jessica Savage (GSD)
Mr David Chapman (Estates)
Certificate Conveors
Terms 2-3
5 weeks

starts week 2, term 2

5 workshops


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Please note that this Certificate is available only to Global Sustainable Development students. Regisration mush be recieved by Friday 7th December, 17:00

The Certificate of Sustainability has been collaboratively designed, and will be co-delivered by the Estates Sustainability Team and the Global Sustainable Development Academic Convenor. This is a unique endeavour at Warwick University, allowing close collaboration between academic and service departments, and involving undergraduate students in evaluating sustainability through auditing and proposing innovations for positive change.

The primary focus of the Certificate is the process of institutional environmental auditing. Participants will learn a variety of accessible auditing processes, before engaging in a real life consultancy project for one specific area of university operation. Students will meet with stakeholders and decision makers to collectively develop a working brief, and then work as a team to create data through a process of auditing. Groups will analyse and write up their findings and recommendations, which will be presented back to Estates and University of Warwick decision makers.

Please note that we can only offer 20 places on this Certificate.

Principal Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Certificate of Sustainability, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • A critical engagement with the prevalent approaches to assessing sustainability in the workplace
  • A critical understanding of the scope and limitations of current UK legislation around sustainability
  • An ability to reflect on the various stages that are involved in undertaking an audit
  • An ability to design and undertake a sustainability audit, and to analyse and reflect on their findings
  • An ability to communicate their findings and recommendations to a group of stakeholders

Academic Output

  • Sustainability Audit and recommendations for Sustainability Team to implement (submission as a group)
  • Reflective work collaboratively managed by the GSD Academic Convenor and Sustainability Team (submission as individual)