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Certificate of Professional Communication with Work Placement

Bodrun Nahar
Module Leader
Bodrun Nahar
Optional Certificate
Week 8 and 9 Term 3
20 workshop hours over 1 week
Work placement

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Available to Y1-Y2 students in the School for Cross-Faculty Studies

Important information

As your health and wellbeing remain our top priority, we're continuing to review all of our work in relation to the coronavirus outbreak. We're therefore sorry to announce that we can no longer offer the Certificate of Professional Communication which was due to take place in weeks 8 and 9 of Term 3, 2020.

If you have any further queries about the certificate, please get in touch with Bodrun Nahar.

Principal Aims

This Certificate aims to promote an understanding of the professional environment, for personal growth and professional development, by making explicit the link between communication and employability.

It comprises a series of workshops exploring a number of concepts around professional communication, as well as factors to consider when working in a professional environment. Using this preparation, you relate these concepts to your practical experience during the placement.

Successful completion of the Certificate will be added to your HEAR. In addition to this, you will have an up to date CV citing your work placement and the skills you have developed. You will also receive a reference from your employer.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:
  • The term 'employability' and the skills that this encompasses;
  • The concept of ‘business culture’ within different organisations;
  • Professional behaviour and positive citizenship;
  • Issues arising across the professional landscape;
  • Various communication skills required within a professional environment;
  • How to communicate professionally during the recruitment process;

Certificate Delivery

  • The Certificate is taught in five workshops of 4 hours over one week during week 8 and 9 of term 3 (June 2020)
  • You will then complete a work placement (approx. four weeks but can be longer) and produce a brief reflective write up of your experience

Placement Details

The School is developing a number of partnerships with companies and organisations across the UK to source work placements. To enhance your learning, the duration of the work placements will be for approx. four weeks, but could be longer dependant on the needs of the employer. We will also support students who are interested in sourcing their own placement. All placements arranged by the school will be advertised and open to all students registered on the Certificate. You will be required to:
  • Identify and apply for placement(s) from the list offered;
  • If your application is successful, you will be invited for interview;
  • If your interview is successful, you will join your chosen organisation on placement.


  • Successful completion of the Certificate will be acknowledged on your HEAR.
  • Your work experience will be cited on an up-to-date CV along with the skills developed.
  • You will also receive a reference from your employer.

This Certificate is open to ALL first and second year students on the School's degree courses - please complete the Expression of Interest form.