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Dr Camilla Audia

Camilla Audia

Contact details

Email: Camilla dot Audia at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel.: +44(0) 24765 75257
Room: R3.33 (Ramphal Building)

Office Hours (term time):

  • All slot MUST be booked in advance VIA THIS LINK. All slots are for ONLINE office hours from term 3 - or by appointment, please email.
  • For term 3 only, office hours are as follows: Tuesdays 11am-12pm and Thursday 11am-12pm online only.
  • By appointment (please email to arrange)

Assistant Professor


I grew up across Italy, Senegal and Burkina Faso and after staying in Europe for what felt like a very long time (15 years!) I spent a year in Burkina Faso as part of my PhD research (SOAS, 2018), where I investigated how people were managing land and resources during El Nino and La Nina phenomena. I was a researcher at King's College London for 7 years, working on various project at the Geography department, before joining the University of Warwick in August 2022. Throughout doctoral and post-doctoral research, I engaged with non-academic audiences, local and international NGOs and policy actors in West Africa and the UK.

I examine the relations between climate change, populations, health and sustainable development through the co-production of knowledge. I am interested in using arts-based and embodied methods (photography, film, theatre, role-play, dance...) to tackle 'wicked problems' and challenge traditional dynamics in the society-policy-science nexus.



After completing my PhD on land tenure and natural resource management in Burkina Faso, I worked on a DFID-funded resilience to climate extremes project (2015-2017) in Burkina Faso (again!) and Ethiopia, then explored Mossi local knowledge on climate and weather through a NERC fellowship (2017-2018) and decision-making under uncertainty in Senegal on a DFID/NERC-funded project (2018-2019).

More recently, I explored equitable access to health through the Wellcome Trust-funded Pathways to Equitable Healthy Cities project across London, Vancouver, Accra, Tamale and Beijing.

Ph.D. Supervision

    Please note that, due to current supervisory commitments, I am only able to consider 2 students for graduate research (Ph.D.) supervision commencing in 2024/25. Please contact the GSD Graduate Office for further advice, if you have not done so already.

    Selected Publications


    • Maccaro, A., Audia, C., Stokes, K., Masud, H., Sekalala, S., Pecchia, L. and Piaggio, D., 2023, September. Pandemic Preparedness: A Scoping Review of Best and Worst Practices from COVID-19. In Healthcare (Vol. 11, No. 18, p. 2572). MDPI.
    • Jerin, D.T., Sara, H.H., Radia, M.A., Hema, P.S., Hasan, S., Urme, S.A., Audia, C., Hasan, M.T. and Quayyum, Z., 2022. An overview of progress towards implementation of solid waste management policies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Heliyon. 
    • Audia, C., Berkhout, F., Owusu, G. et al. Loops and Building Blocks: a Knowledge co-Production Framework for Equitable Urban Health. J Urban Health 98, 394–403 (2021).
    • Audia C. et al. Decision-Making Heuristics for Managing Climate-Related Risks: Introducing Equity to the FREE Framework. In: Conway D., Vincent K. (eds) Climate Risk in Africa. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham (2021).
    • Pineo, H., Audia, C., Black, D. et al. Building a Methodological Foundation for Impactful Urban Planetary Health Science. J Urban Health 98, 442–452 (2021).
    • McOmber, Audia, Crowley. Building resilience by challenging social norms: integrating a transformative approach within the BRACED consortia. Disasters 43 (2019): S271-S294.
    • Poole, Audia et al. Tree products, food security and livelihoods: a household study of Burkina Faso, Environmental Conservation, 43(4), pp. 359–367 (2016). 

    Policy papers

    • Audia, C & Berkhout, F (2020), Linking knowledge development, uptake and use wth action: a literature review: Report for the European Environment Agency.
    • Audia, C., Poole N., et al. (2016) Access to and utilisation of three tree products in Burkina Faso. Report to FAO, Rome.