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Dr Jose Martin Lima Velazquez

Dr Jose Martin Lima Velazquez

Contact details

Email: Martin dot Lima-Velazquez at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel.: N/A
Room: R3.14 (Ramphal Building)

Office Hours:

  • Term 1:

Wednesdays 11-12 (noon)

Thursdays 10-11am

  • Term 2:

Mondays 5-6pm

Wednesdays 11-12 (noon)

Please email me in advance to set up a meeting. Meetings can be in person or on Teams.

Assistant Professor


I am an economist with interests in development economics and sustainability. Prior to joining the School for Cross-faculty Studies at the University of Warwick in September 2022, I was a Teaching Fellow in Economics at the Leeds University Business School's Economics Department, a position which I held for three years.

I hold a MSc and a PhD in Economics from the University of Leeds. Before starting my studies in the UK, I worked for five years at the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) in Mexico, where I contributed to the development and computation of official multidimensional poverty measurements as well as a labour-income-based poverty index. During this time, I also worked as an external consultant for national and international organisations.



My research interests are related to economic development. I am particularly interested in the analysis of poverty and inequality, public policy evaluation, microeconomic analysis and applied econometrics.


Journal articles:

  • Chaudhuri, K., Chakrabarti, A., Lima, J.M. et al. The interaction of ethnicity and deprivation on COVID-19 mortality risk: a retrospective ecological study. Scientific Reports 11, 11555 (2021)