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Professor Nikoleta Jones

Dr Stéphanie Panichelli-Batalla

Contact details

Email: nikoleta dot jones at warwick dot ac dot uk
Room: R2.13, Ramphal Building


Environmental Policy & Governance

Conservation Social Science


I am an environmental social scientist and my research focuses on socio-economic aspects of a broad range of environmental policies including biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration and climate change. Before joining the University of Warwick I was a Principal Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. I specialise on the use of mixed methods with a particular interest in behavioural predictive models incorporating spatial and temporal dimensions. I have published over 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals and have been involved in the writing of successful research grants, which collectively have raised over £2.2 million in external research funding. The most recent is the project FIDELIO funded by the European Research Council exploring socio-economic dimension of biodiversity conservation policies in Europe.

Research with impact

My work has always been policy driven and I have worked across different fields including biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation, forest management, waste management and water management. For example, in the project FIDELIO, I led the development of the largest database in Europe capturing social impacts of protected areas working in collaboration with 20 park authorities. I also led the development of the Social Capital and Impact Assessment Tool for Protected Areas. This work has been driven by targets set in the EU Biodiversity Strategy, the UK net zero goals and the recently published Global Biodiversity Framework.

Teaching and Supervision

I have contributed to teaching and learning activities in higher education institutions since 2009 and I am a senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have designed and led 5 PG and 2 UG modules and have been involved in the delivery of 6 additional modules. Between 2015-2018 I was the co-ordinator of the MSc Sustainability at Anglia Ruskin University. I have supervised 3 PhD students to completion and I am currently supervising 5 PhD students. I have also supervised over 25 MSc/MA dissertations.


    Selected Recent Articles (for full list see here)

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