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Dr Romain Chenet

Romain Chenet

Contact details

Email: Romain dot Chenet at warwick dot ac dot uk
Room: R3.16 (Ramphal Building)
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Administrative enquiries:

Senior Teaching Fellow

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Warwick University Chaplaincy Faith Advisor (Indo-Tibetan Buddhism)


I joined GSD in 2018 and my role is now split between teaching and management, with significant oversight and compliance responsibilities both as Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Undergraduate Admissions. I hold a PhD in Sociology (2023), MAs in Social Research and International Politics, and recently completed a study of post-2015 aid and development policies. My interests span development, sociology, and politics in exploring globality with poststructural (Foucauldian) analysis of discourse and other critical methods (Gramscian, etc.). I also have diverse further interests in development scholarship, and welcome PhD or UG/PG dissertation enquiries on such topics (more examples below).

I was previously based in London, working in multinational corporate relations and high-value fundraising management for large INGOs to build development projects and respond to humanitarian emergencies. Before settling in the UK, I lived in Asia (Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia), shaping my experiences with development. My personal interests include cooking, gardening, Buddhist art and philosophy, and spending time with cats.

Taught Modules in 2023-24

Sustainable Development: Past, Present, FuturesLink opens in a new window (Convening Lecturer)

Surviving the Apocalypse (Convening Lecturer)

Gender and the Sustainable Development Agenda (Convening Lecturer)

The Three Pillars of Global Sustainable Development (Co-convenor)

Leading Transformation in the Anthropocene (Convening Lecturer)

    Teaching and research interests

    The evolution of ‘sustainable development’ as a contested telos and mythology; Discursive intersections, silences, and exclusions in policy and practice; Poststructural discourse analysis (via Foucault / WPR); Gender and development; Governance & power; NGOs and civil society; Culture and lifeworlds; Critical approaches (post-development, feminist, alternatives, degrowth, Buddhist economics and cosmologies, queer and trans theory); Epistemological/ontological pluralism and decolonisation beyond buzzwords; The history, politics, and sociology of development as a global project.

    Selected conference papers

    Levering into fraught interdisciplinarity: A case study in teaching 'population'.
    Innovative Practices and Pedagogies for International Development Studies 2022, Indiana University, and
    Mapping Interdisciplinarity 2022, University of Birmingham.

    ‘Firmly in Britain's own national interest': A sinking DfID's jettison of 'development'. Panel: Foreign Aid.
    Development Studies Association 2020 Conference, University of Birmingham.

    Bilateral aid donors and discontents. Panel: Problematising Aid & Partnerships in Development.
    International Development 2019 Conference, IDS, University of Sussex.

    Panel discussant: Feminism in/against Neoliberalism in International Development & Social Movements.
    Centre for the Study of Women and Gender 2018 Symposium, University of Warwick.

    Selected publications

    Chenet, R. (2020). Pursuing discourse without morphing into a linguist, The Sociological Review Magazine. opens in a new window