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Student-Staff Liaison Committee

Established alongside the launch of GSD's new Postgraduate Taught and Research courses in October 2021, the SCFS Postgraduate SSLC is a forum for GSD and Liberal Arts to consult with and receive feedback from student representatives from all postgraduate cohorts.

Staff Student Liaison Committee - or SSLCs - are committees made up of elected student representatives, called Course Reps, and members of staff called Academic Convenors, that fall under the broader Academic RepresentationLink opens in a new window structures of Warwick Students' Union. They are student led and provide an area for students and staff to discuss ideas and solve problems connected with teaching, learning and student support. SSLCs allow students to have a say on their course, their department, and their resources. They also provide an opportunity for the department to consult with students and receive feedback on new or amended initiatives and proposals. Students are elected to the position of course rep by their peers, and represent their course and specific interests on the SSLC.

The GSD postgraduate SSLC meets at least twice a term, usually around weeks 4 and 8, in all three terms of the academic year.

The next SCFS PG SSLC meeting will be held on 27 November, term 1.

2023-24 PG SSLC Committee

  • Academic Convenor: Dr Jonathan Clarke
  • Chairperson: Ubayd Khan
  • Secretary: Kathryn Files
  • Postgraduate Research rep: Ying Huang
  • Postgraduate Taught reps: Benjamin Farodoye, Inca Hide-Wright, Ilaria Ravazzolo (International Student experience)
  • EDI Committee Liaison: Lils Dobber
  • Research Committee Liaison: Grace Kamanga