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GSD Student Ambassadors 2020/21

Student ambassador showing prospective students around campus


Second-year Politics, International Studies (PAIS) and GSD student

Hi, I’m a second-year Politics, International Studies and GSD student from Lithuania! My favourite GSD module so far is Inequalities and Sustainable Development, during which I learned about the numerous dimensions of inequalities that I had not considered before. Studying GSD gives me the opportunity to think critically about global issues, making me more confident and knowledgeable when it comes to activism. For example, as Marketing Officer for Climate Reality Warwick, I collaborate with my team to organise speaker events, discussion groups, informational campaigns and social media content – where we have the platform to share our passion for the environment.


Second-year Sociology and GSD student

Hi, my name is Lucía and I am a second-year Sociology and GSD student. I am currently the Secretary of the GSD Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), an experience that I am very grateful for. I am also an active member of the Public Speaking Society, for which I will be Vice-President and Secretary next year, and the Emotional intelligence Society, for which I will be events coordinator. I am enjoying all my modules this year, especially Inequalities and Sustainable Development (GSD), Consumer Cultures in Global Capitalism (Sociology) and The Apocalyptic Imaginary (Liberal Arts). I am mostly interested in sustainability regarding social and political matters, but love to be challenged by the course and all its opportunities!


Second-year single honours GSD student

Hi! Through this degree I have been able to pursue my interest in and curiosity of the world. I’ve become far more aware of the world’s issues, particularly focusing on matters of social injustice but I’ve also seen the points of hope and engaged in problem-solving which is essential to this course. Through the single honours degree, I have had so much flexibility in my module choices and have taken full advantage of this by taking modules in the Theatre, Sociology and Languages departments to accompany my GSD modules. I’m Vice-President of Jiu Jitsu, engaged in on-campus and off-campus environmental activism and have got involved in the Drama Society, proving that you can do so much with your time here!


Second-year Economic Studies and GSD student

Hi, I'm Szebasztián and I chose Economic Studies and GSD because I am interested in global poverty and inequalities and all the social and political institutions related to them. During this summer, I will carry out an Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) project and research the relationship between inequalities and populism in Germany. Also, I have been a course representative in the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) for almost two years where I am a link between my cohort and the department. You may meet me in Warwick Language Society, where I organise free language classes. Other than that, I love getting lost in Coventry and Kenilworth on my runs and I also got obsessed with some houseplants during the lockdown.


Second-year Life Sciences and GSD student

Hi, I’m Alannah and I am a second year Life Sciences and GSD student. I’m a member of the GSD Student Staff Liaison Committee as well as the Latin & Ballroom, Pole & Arial Arts and Thai Boxing societies. Studying GSD has allowed me to explore so many fascinating topics and issues across the globe and develop my interests in agro-ecology practices and the food sovereignty movement. I am very passionate about student engagement, both current and prospective, and I am very much looking forward to representing our department and the incredible courses we offer!