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Global Sustainable Development Module Choice Form - External Students

Welcome to Global Sustainable Development!

We're really happy to welcome students from across the University onto selected GSD Modules. Please see the below list of modules running in the 2022/23 academic year available to second years and above external students.







GD306-15 FULL

Achieving Sustainability: Potentials and Barriers

Dr Maria Gavris


Term One

GD213-15, GD320-15

Achieving Sustainability: Potentials and Barriers - Module offered through the Alliance Intensive Study Programme

Dr Maria Gavris


Term Three

GD305-15 FULL

Challenges of Climate Change

Dr Jess Savage


Term Two

GD309-15 FULL

Debt, Money and Global Sustainable Development

Dr Nicholas Bernards


Term One

This form is to be completed by any student who wishes to take a Global Sustainable Development module who is not studying either a Global Sustainable Development degree or a Liberal Arts Degree.

Module Allocation

Places on GSD modules are by application only. Any places will be allocated on a first come first served basis until full capacity is reached.

Students who are taking a Global Sustainable Development degree will have precedence for places on modules over those from external departments.

Places are competitive so we would advise students to apply early.

Priority will be given to students taking a module for credit over those auditing.

The deadline for completing this form is Friday 13 May 2022. We will be in touch shortly after this date to confirm if you have been allocated a place.

Module Availability

If a module is not listed in the drop-down menu, it is not currently open to external students.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.