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Student Staff Liaison Committee


Staff Student Liaison Committee - or SSLCs - are committees made up of elected student representatives, called Course Reps, and members of staff called Academic Convenors. They are student led and provide an area for students and staff to discuss ideas and solve problems connected with teaching, learning and student support. SSLCs allow students to have a say on their course, their department, and their resources. They also provide an opportunity for the department to consult with students and receive feedback on new or amended initiatives proposals. Students are elected to the position of course rep by their peers, and represent their course and year in the SSLC. Three meetings are usually held in Terms 1 and 2, with a further two in Term 3.

There is one overall SSLC for all the Global Sustainable Development degree courses. This will include, where possible, a representative from each joint degree course, as well as single honours GSD.

The SSLC in GSD will also act as a forum to raise ideas that you may wish to ask for funding towards group projects, workshops, attendance at academic events, multi-media projects, or even improvements to your common room. If you have any ideas in this regard, or wish to raise an issue concerning a particular module, a degree programme or any other departmental issue, please contact one of your SSLC representatives or fill out the Contact Form.

In addition, student representatives can attend and participate on the relevant SSLCs of their partner subject departments. For more information about how SSLCs operate across the University, please click here.

On 6th June 2018, the GSD SSLC ratified the first version of its Charter, which is maintained by the Committee Secretary. The current version of this document (revised in June 2022) can be viewed hereLink opens in a new window.

Agendae and minutes of all meetings can also be viewed on the GSD SSLC's webpage Link opens in a new window on the Students' Union website.

Previous materials:

SSLC Elections May/June 2021


2023-24 Academic Year SSLC

Chair: Milagros Garcia Marroquin 
Secretary: Jessica Birks-Kent
Academic Convenor: Gioia Panzarella (Gioia dot Panzarella at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Course Representatives

First Year

Issy Badman (Economic Studies and GSD, job share); Jessica Birks-Kent (Sociology and GSD); Raj Hacker (Single Honours GSD); Fatema Idris Shabbir (GSD and Business Studies); Hannah Smith (Economic Studies and GSD, job share); Isha Shah (Philosophy and GSD).

Second Year

Florence Bullwright (Life Sciences and GSD); Sarah Diggines (GSD Single Honours, job share); Milagros Garcia Marroquin (GSD and Business); Ruqaiyah Jarviton (Philosophy and GSD); Akshaya Narasimhan (Sociology and GSD); Sakeena Rajpal (GSD Single Honours, job share); Evelina Theodosiou (Economic Studies and GSD); Ruyi Wang (Psychology and GSD); Kelli Wu (Theatre and GSD).   

Final Year

Rowan Bisp (Single Honours, job share); Sophia Fry (Hispanic Studies and GSD, job share); Kristin Knight (Hispanic Studies and GSD, job share); Kirsten Lim (Life Sciences and GSD, third year); Anna Male (Philosophy and GSD); Poppy Mansfield Jones (PAIS and GSD); Anna Maxfield (Single Honours, job share); Juliette Mizzi (Psychology and GSD); Luana Siantis (Education Studies and GSD); Aditi Sishtla (Economic Studies and GSD); Christina Vaschuk (Life Sciences and GSD, fourth year).