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2017-18 winners

Anna Gardner receiving a certificate from Professor Cathia Jenainati

Entrants from the 2017-2018 GSD Essay Competition answered one of the following questions:

  • As the negotiations around Brexit are ongoing, what issues of Sustainable Development should our leaders be concerned with?
  • “The expression ‘Think Global Act Local’ offers the best guidance to achieving Global Sustainable Development”. Discuss.
  • To what extent is Global Sustainable Development primarily about how we manage environmental resources?

We received a considerable number of applications at a fantastic standard. Congratulations to the winner (Anna Gardner) and those highly commended (Chloe Fox-Robertson and Freddie zu Wied). Below are some extracts from their essays.

Winner - Anna Gardner

"‘Think Global Act Local’ helps to deal with our shortcomings as humans; it conveys the importance of thinking with a global frame of vision to see the exponential nature of our actions, while suggesting the power of small-scale action to have wider implications. Acting locally is more comprehensible and palatable for individuals facing an overpoweringly complex set of problems. The real power of this expression derives from local action at the same time as global thinking - people are able to see where the line of human progress is heading and the consequences of their actions. Global Sustainable Development is a process not an end goal: with this expression in mind we can move in the right direction."

Highly Commended - Chloe Fox-Robertson

"There are many ‘known unknowns’ about the ongoing Brexit negotiations in circulation. Decisions over the future situation of climate change, free trade, and the single market remain unclear. The status of EU citizens living in the UK and the impact of Brexit on migratory behaviour also lacks clarity. However, as this essay has outlined, in order for sustainable development to continue, there needs to be emphasis placed on securing preferential agreements that will strengthen economic and social factors for the UK and encourage ongoing EU collaboration."

Highly Commended - Freddie zu Wied

"While environmental resources lie at the heart of sustainable development, their direct management is not the only effective measure to take to make progress. By maintaining a healthy population, regardless of its growth, we may be able to stimulate progression towards a healthy future for our environment and its inhabitants. While only one of the UNDP goals of the 2000 millennial summit seems directly relevant to environmental resource management, in reality they are all closely linked to it."