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Entry for the 2024 Global Sustainable Development year 11 and 12* competition is now open! Competition closes midnight 30th May.

To enter the 2024 Competition, please choose one of the following questions and a response:


A busy, bustling crowd in Tokyo

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are due to expire in 2030. What would you propose to substitute the UN SDGs after 2030?

Considering your local area, which response(s) would you propose to achieve sustainable development?

A homeless person receiving spare change in London - St Paul's Cathedral is in the background

Do you think possible to protect the
environment and achieve economic growth at
the same time?


  • A 1,000-1,500 word essay;
  • A four-minute video or podcast essay;
  • Aphoto/series of photography (taken by yourself) with a 500 word (maximum) commentary ; or
  • An artistic exploration (for example, painting, poetry, short story, short film, etc.) and a 500 word (maximum) commentary.

Top tip: When working on your response, consider the 'three pillars of sustainable development': society, economy, and the environment.

If you are considering entering the competition, please ensure that you obtain support for your entry from one of your teachers. You will need to provide their name on the entry form.

When you are ready, please submit your entry using the form below. Please fill in all required fields. If your submission is physical or if it is not transferable online, please get in touch with us for advice: 

If you have any further questions for us about the competition and entry, please send us a message: 

*Year 11 and 12 in the UK or 15 to 17 year old age group equivalent.

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