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City-Region Cycle Plan

Towards a City Region-Cycle Plan

On this page you can find out more about the current situation of cycling in Coventry, and our sources of inspiration for future transformations.

The Current Situation for Cycling

Cycling in the City

Levels of cycling are particularly low, accounting for only around 1 per cent of journeys into the centre of Coventry and between 1 and 4 per cent of residents’ journeys when they are commuting, escorting children to school or traveling to their own place of education [1].

Barriers to Cycling

A lack of convenient and safe routes for cyclists is likely to be a barrier to higher levels of uptake. In 2021 only 52 per cent of residents agreed that it was easy to travel around Coventry by bike. This is significantly fewer than the number who felt it was easy to walk, drive and travel on public transport [1Link opens in a new window].

Current Plans

Introduce dedicated, safer cycleways across the city. e.g. current plans are to conect city centre to Coundon and to Binley.

More secure cycle parking facilities, including at major transport hubs, such as our railway stations.

Strategic routes to link Coventry to Solihull via Eastern Green, and to Warwickshire, via Binley Woods, North on both the A444 corridor and via M6 Junction 2, and to Kenilworth in the South [2Link opens in a new window].


Response Focused Thinking: Inspiration from Best Practices

Coventry Context

Coventry City Council is curently running a Consultation on the forthcoming Transport Stratergy.


Those seeking inspiration and best practice for application to Coventry and the wider West Midlands have a variety of previous experienece and innovation on which to draw. The Cyclability project will look to some initial sources, such as the below.


If you are a member of staff, a UG or PG learner, a PhD student or a community stakeholder, we welcome your input. Please reach out if you have ideas or proposed contributions perhaps through URSS study, a core curicliumn dissertation, or another means.

1) Greater Manchester Cycling Vision

2) Transport for London