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"Living-laboratory" Interventions

Global Sustainable Development research and learning often takes the form of "Living Laboratories". These use lived reality is an opportunity to learn from everyday practices, but also trial interventions and experiments as a way to create further understanding of existing situations, as well as promote continued improvements. A specific benefits of this approach is that positive change and transformation can emerge more immediately for wider stakeholders in research, which offers advantages for both the quality of knowledge created and an intensification of the impact achieved.

The University Campus and the surrounding area of Coventry and the West Midlands offer outstanding potential for the Living Laboratory methodology to be applied to issues of cyclability. While our agenda is yet to be defined, a number of potential opportunities have already been identified.

Ecologically Shared Spaces

Development of a Cycle Super Highway offers countless opportunites to create transdisclpainary innovations for "ecologically sharing" urban spaces: combining different modes of travel, as well as other functions, such as retail, fitness and recreation, green coridors and more!

Multifunctional Covered Cycleways

UK weather is significantly different to many countries with sucessful promotion of active travel. Innovative covered designations offer valuable interventions, and sucessful experinmentation would be most likely follow transdisciplinary design.

Smart Bike shelters and buildings

Bluetooth accessed bike shelter in Bedford

It's not just about new cycle routes, if there is no where safe and secure to lock your bike!

In Coventry city centre, there is a notable lack of bike shelters and stands to encourage micro mobility into the city. One solution, shown above is Bluetooth app accessed bike shelters, as introduced in Bedford. Another is increased visible security, such as increasing bike shelters + camera security. Research on where to locate and what type of site for securing bikes, scooters and trikes will be conducted. Public bike shelters and workplace shelters need to be encouraged by local authorities, to ensure that cycle routes do not lead to anywhere with no where to lock



Are you a member of staff, UG or PG student inspired by our passion for cyclability? Do you have ideas for the development of our project or want to get involved: as a URSS project, a final year dissertation, or perhaps you see opportuniites to use our living laboratories as part of your module or degree? As a member of the community do you have thoughts and comments on our work, perhaps possible projects that you believe would beefit your communtity? If so, please get in touch!