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Food Systems: Visual Campaigns

The Assessment Task

Students work in groups to apply their Food System analysis skills. They are required to identify and diagnose an issue within a food system of their choice. The group then analyses the issues using concepts, frameworks and theories delivered within the module - or identified by the students as being complimentary - to develop a proposed intervention that addresses the situation. The proposal must be for a visual campaign, which is interpreted broadly as coherent range of communication assets that take some element of a visual form - social media, art, "flashmob" organisation, conferences etc - to promote an agenda. Each asset must be targeted and tailored for a specific decision-maker in the Food System. The Presentation should therefore persuade potential sponsors that the group has in-depth and critical subject knowledge of food systems thinking, which includes an understanding of specific actors, their positionality and interests within the wider context.

Food Systems Mapping is a skill increasing useful in professional research and practice - as manifest in the publication of a UK Food map by the peer review journal Nature FoodLink opens in a new window. GSD graduate are therefore at the forefront of both subject expertise, as well as professional practice.


2021/22 Cohort

Over-exploited and under-appreciated: The urgent need to save the Orange Roughy