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Eight GSD students presented their research at BCUR 2019

Eight final year GSD students presented their research on 15th-16th April at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) 2019, held at the Treforest Campus of the University of South Wales.

The conference promotes undergraduate research in all disciplines and, with 400+ delegates this year, it was an incredible event for our students to disseminate their work, display their research excellence and get to meet students and staff across the whole country. The event included also a conference dinner on 15th April opened by the First Minister of Wales.

Many congratulations to Anna, Arifa, Cammy, Christian, Constance, Dee, Federico and Nicola for producing some impressive projects!

Below are the titles of the research projects presented. Read the full abstracts here.

Anna Matrai: "The Norwegian Approach to Climate Change Mitigation: The Role of Government Policies and Venture Capital Investors in Supporting the Cleantech Start-Up Sector A Market Analysis Report"

Arifa Akther: "A Proposal to Increase Clean Energy Access in Lesbos’ Refugee Camps: A critical report proposing how, why and the implications of a market-based solution can help achieve a more inclusive SDG7"

Cameron McCready: "A Critical Analysis of the Role of Space Privatisation in the Development of London’s Resilience to Terrorism: Investigating London’s resilience to terrorist attacks in an era of governmentality"

Christian König: "Collaborative Refo-lutionism’: Towards a New Theorisation of the Egyptian Uprising"

Constance Frohly: "Evaluating the impact of reducing labour supply on environmental preservation and income inequality in developed countries"

Dee Chng: "Tourism (and sustainable development) in the Anthropocene: a critical examination using South East Asia (S.E.A) case studies"

Federico Guerrera: "Technological and Economic Support for Marginalized Palestinians: Toward a Model of Sustainable Community Development"

Nicola Blasetti: "Is the Green New Deal telling the Ecological Modernisation story in a successful (democratic) way? A case study of the contemporary environmental policy discourse in the USA"

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